Who We Are

Irma Aguirre – Director

Irma was born and raised in Chihuahua, Mexico. In 1985 she and her family relocated to El Paso, TX. Irma has always had a passion for children and business and she accomplished her dreams when she opened Carrusel Home Day Care in 1994. Irma prides herself in offering a fun and caring environment for the young minds that attend her day care. She makes it a priority to serve wholesome and delicious home cooked meals to Carrusel Kids. Irma is a faithful parishioner at St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic Church and in her spare time, enjoys hosting and attending prayer groups.

Ruben Aguirre – Assistant

Ruben was born in Saltillo, Mexico. He met Irma and they were married in December 1971. When he and his family moved to El Paso, TX, Ruben took jobs in Florida and Alaska to provide for his family. Early on, Ruben started cooking for his family and when Irma opened Carrusel Home Day Care, Ruben dutifully offered his culinary expertise to serving the children authentic meals. Along with Carrusel, Ruben holds a position on Fort Bliss overseeing the kitchens that serve our brave troops. Ruben prides himself in the excellent meals he provides his family, our troops, and Carrusel Kids.

Jessica – Assistant

Jessica is a responsible young woman and Irma values her for her caring heart and respectable character.  She is also certified with the Texas Department of Family and Protective services.